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[Music performed by BHAcademy students ranging from ages 4-17]

Concert Details 2019:

[REHEARSALS]: To Be Announced

Dress Rehearsal - To be Announced!


( Concert Location: Orchestra Hall , Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL.

** Arrive at Orchestra Hall - 10:45 AM

** Only the following Performers will be permitted backstage, after 11:45 AM

Notes: a) If you play any pieces between Lightly Row and Bach Minuet No. 1, please do not return Backstage, until after the performance of BARTOK. b) Students must have Name Tag, pinned on their right shoulder, check your child's uniform, thoroughly. c) The Sash or Tie must be pinned, properly. d) Remove all Jewelry, and Nail Polish, etc., volunteers will be Backstage pinning on Sashes. e) DO NOT send your child Backstage, with Food, Coats/Jackets, Valuables, Cases, etc. f) Backstage, is a very limited space, with NO Security to watch over any personal items, before, during, or after, the Concert.

** 12:30PM - Doors - will OPEN to Orchestra Hall - Chicago IL

** 12:45 PM - Annual Spring Concert - Orchestra Hall Performance - (Quiet please - Doors are Closed!)

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